Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What else is new?

Pens lose. Again. 4-0 to the Rangers. That's about all there is to say. As you may know, we don't get Versus so we watched a bit of an online feed that wasn't great once again. We heard they played pretty well considering, but to be honest, we have absolutely no idea. Although it does seem like the bounces are never going the Penguins way and it continued tonight. The power play also failed once again on eight tries. That has to change and sooner rather than later. The Godard fight wasn't bad either, we did see that. We also liked Satan on the fourth line and Tyler Kennedy on the first line with Crosby. Although TK was good with Staal and Cooke, it can't hurt to try it at this point. We'll be back tomorrow to report on the game against the Thrashers as always.

We actually watched quite a bit of the World Junior Championships gold medal game, which from what we could see of the Pens game, was more exciting. Sweden's goalie dove more than a professional diver in that game though. It was rather sad. Even the announcers were commenting on it. Someone would barely run into him and he'd be flopping all over the ice and his helmet would fly off like he just got hit by a big rig. Esposito had another goal and also participated in some figure skating celebrating with a teammate after a goal. It was rather beautiful, really. Okay, so now we've lost our minds. We're going to get some sleep and hope that the Pens put up a win tomorrow against the Thrashers, who also haven't won two in a row since November.

There is no preview of the Thrashers game available at this time. If we remember, we'll put it up tomorrow. Let's go Pens!

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