Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Pens are back!

It's finally time for some hockey again. The Pens will play the Rangers tonight at 7:30. It's time for the Pens to win or their hopes of getting into the playoffs will go completely down the drain. As Crosby said, the team's playoffs basically start now. Not exactly what Pens fans were hoping for. Along with all the injuries has come a lot of losses. We've seen what they can do even with an injury depleted team, and it's time for all of them to step up or be playing golf a lot sooner than anyone expected.

The Pens don't get a break with the suspension of Matt Cooke for two games. He's definitely stepped up and been great on that top line. He will be missed.

Although Crosby should play, and that's only good news for the Pens. Talbot and Dupuis should return as well. Hopefully this brings good things to the Pens.

That's all from us for tonight, we have a wicked headache. Super Bowl media day was pretty entertaining and we should have some stuff on that later. Enjoy the game and Let's go Pens!

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