Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pens lose to Hurricanes 2-1

So we're back to losing. Yeah, we know they can't win every game, but we were really getting used to that whole winning thing again. Plus, this is a team that is right there with them trying to get that playoff spot and you'd think the Pens would play a little better. The first period was good and the game was pretty exciting with both teams getting quite a few chances and we felt it kind of went downhill after that.

We took notes like we have been lately so we can put together and semi-cohesive recap but tonight we think we'll just skip that because it really isn't all that exciting. Geno had a goal on the power play only a few minutes into the game and the Pens had plenty of chances to get by Canes goalie Cam Ward and didn't. They had a 4:00 double minor penalty after a high stick on Geno that drew blood and failed to score. They even got Fleury out of the net for an extra attacker. Terrible. Ward did play a great game and made some superior saves and was pretty much the best player out there. 

The best thing we think we saw was the Pens killing a pretty long 5 on 3 power play for the Canes. And Fleury did play really well, but his offense obviously didn't produce for him. His play was overshadowed by Ward's superior play and the rest of his team failing to help him out.

Now the Pens have off until practice on Monday and their next game is Wednesday of next week against the Rangers. Some players are choosing to go home and others are going to Florida (Fleury). Please take us with you, we are sick of the cold and snow. Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby will be at the All-Star game and taking part in the Super Skills competition. Crosby in the breakaway competition and Malkin in the accuracy portion. Kris Letang will be playing in the Young Stars game. We'd watch it, but we don't get Versus. Maybe we'll catch some highlights online.

President Barack Obama took his oath of office yesterday and is now our 44th President. It's time for change in this country, but it also appears it's time for rooting for the Steelers. Dan and Jim Rooney were invited to a black-tie dinner President Obama held for Senator John McCain at the Washington Hilton on Monday. Obama met with Dan and Jim in a separate room where they personally delivered a game ball from the AFC Championship game. Dan says that Obama is a Bears fan first, but he's also a Steelers fan and that he and all his staff are rooting for them in the Super Bowl. Hopefully the Steelers will be the first team to get congratulated by the new President.

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