Wednesday, January 7, 2009



FINALLY! PENS WIN! The Pens beat the Thrashers 3-1. The power play finally produced a goal, two actually, to help the Pens get off of their five game skid. It's nice to finally be able to write a post that doesn't involve losing. Sykora had two goals and Crosby had one to help the Pens win. Malkin also had three assists and Whitney had two. We're glad Whitney is back, he's been logging a lot of ice time and either leading the team or close to it in time recently. Although we have missed Go-go, we didn't see where he was playing poorly to get scratched but maybe we missed something.

He looks like he's about to puke. Nice shot.

Colby Armstrong was all over basically everyone last night. Checking, shoving, tackling, and fighting just about whoever was near him. He fought Ruslan Fedotenko, which was basically a one-sided fight with Feds landing one good punch and Colby falling to the ice. Each of them went to the penalty box, but Feds didn't stay for long and he went down the runway for medical treatment. He was seen flexing his hand after punching Colby. He never returned. You can watch the fight here:

Pascal Dupuis also left the game and didn't return.

Colby also decided to go after an old friend in Sidney Crosby. Getting on top of him on the ice and doing a little wrestling. We have no idea what his motive was in going after everyone he could, but it was kind of like watching Ovechkin become possessed and go after Geno over and over. Okay, so maybe it wasn't that bad, but was it really necessary to that extent?

The Pens looked good in the first two periods, although we're not sure whether it was because the Thrashers are that bad or the Pens really did look good. We do know that the Pens were outplayed in the third as the Thrashers out-shot them and had the puck in the Pens zone a lot more. Again, we don't know if the Pens let up or if the Thrashers were playing with more desperation. Could be a little of both.

Crosby and Malkin looked good tonight and those two need to be leaders and step up. Marc-Andre Fleury also played really well and stopped some good chances. We still think the defense in front of him could be a little more helpful, but they did block quite a few shots tonight we thought.

Hopefully this win and confidence can go a long way and pull the Pens out of this slump. One win isn't going to change things all around. The Pens will go to Nashville for their next game on Thursday. The Pens' fathers will be on the trip, as well as to Denver on Saturday.

Game highlights:

We're just excited we can post that.

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