Monday, January 5, 2009

Lots of random stuff

We're going to hold off on our opinion post until later today and give you a lot of random info. We'll start off with hockey.

Sergei Gonchar spent a little time on the ice yesterday with his teammates as his conditioning skate overlapped with a few early arriving Pens for practice. Good to know he's on the right track, but it is expected to be weeks before he returns. Gonchar is expecting his second daughter in early March, around the time he could return to playing. He says, "Me and the cat, we'll be the only men in the house." Poor Gonchar.

Speaking of family, Jordan Staal texted his brother Marc after his strange fight with Alexander Semin Saturday night. Staal said "I got a pretty good chuckle." Jordan will play Marc tonight in MSG. Anyone want to bet on how many times the fact that "the Staals are brothers" will be mentioned?

Mike Zigomanis, who hasn't played in what seems like forever, has finally been placed on injured reserve. Pens notebook here.

Ray Shero hears Pens fans but the Penguins aren't going for trades. We agree with this. We don't think bringing in more new faces will help the Pens win now or help team chemistry at all. The only thing we wish for is a winger for Sidney Crosby since it seems they can't find a good fit there other than the departed Marian Hossa. This is obviously difficult since not just any good hockey player can play and keep up with Sid.

Dave Molinari's Pens Q & A today is a good one. We like his sarcasm, it's great in our book. *Hint, hint* This is a preview of our opinion post later today so we'll hold off on any comment for now. Pens Q & A.

As for the Steelers, we know we haven't kept up. Our posts the last week or so haven't been spectacular and obviously hockey has been played while the Steelers had the week off. It is the playoffs and we should be more on top of things. We'll try a bit harder.

The Chargers beat the Colts in overtime to advance in the playoffs to come to Heinz Field on Sunday. This is the team we would have chose to face, now we'll see if it was a good choice. The game will be at 4:45. What a weird time. The Steelers would have no problem with another weird game like their first meeting against the Chargers as long as they come out the winner.

Ron Cook is getting a little ahead of himself and predicting the future by saying the Steelers will beat the Chargers at home and the Ravens will beat the Titans in Tennessee resulting in a Ravens-Steelers rematch. We really don't have a whole lot to say about this one.

See you later today.

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