Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pens blow lead, lose to Devils


Malkin gets his 100th goal!

The Pens had a 3-1 lead and blew it by letting the Devils tie the game with 30.1 seconds left in the game and then surrendered the game-winning goal in overtime. Why can't things ever be just a little simpler? Building a lead and then letting in go down the drain is, well, draining. The Pens didn't have a great game, but they cashed in on the chances they got and looked like they were going to get two points in Jersey. Should have known better. At least they managed to get one point out of it.

Does anyone really want a recap? We feel like crap and this game didn't make it any better. We're going to get some sleep and get a big Steelers post up later today hopefully. But before we go, we'll go over a couple things from the Pens game.

How often are we going to hear, we just have to play hard and finish? Talk is exactly that, talk. It's not going to get you anywhere. Until you actually put that mentality into play, it's not going to do you a damn bit of good. We feel like they're so close to it, whatever it is, but can't quite close that gap. They have positive aspects to basically every game and haven't been horrible as of late, but something is still missing. They need to finally finish building that bridge to close the gap. It feels so close, but something keeps slipping by. 

Hopefully that made sense because we tend to become somewhat incoherent when sleep deprived.

Moving on, the positives of last night's game being that they got one point out of the game, which is obviously better than nothing. Crosby and Malkin scoring goals and striking once again as the "Two-Headed Monster." Malkin's goal being his 100th of his career was a huge milestone for him. Fleury played very well again and definitely kept the Penguins in this game. Kris Letang also looks really good and we're glad he's in a Pens uniform.

We are also still upset that Go-go is a no-go. We don't see how Boucher is an upgrade. We remember one huge turnover by him in the game that really should have ended up a goal for the Devils, but Fleury was sharp. We like Gogo's abilities all the way around, especially in the fact that he's not afraid to take a shot. Get the puck on net! Please! And is Gill really that bad too? We can't say we think he's been great lately but geez. Talk about frustration. If the Steelers don't win the Super Bowl, we may just freak out.

Speaking of the Steelers, the Terrible Towel behind the bench in New Jersey was a nice touch. Nice to see the team, Dana Heinze especially, supporting the Steelers away from home. It's also nice to see the large crowd of Steelers fans in Tampa. We've watched way too much NFL Network and the Steelers fans are definitely out in full force, chanting Here we go Steelers, here we go! We wish we were there.

The Pens will play the Maple Leafs in Toronto tonight at 7:00. Garon is expected to get his first start in net for the Pens since his arrival. Should be interesting. Here's to Gogo starting tomorrow! We can only hope.

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