Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Call your Mom, PENS WIN!

Hey Ma! Wooooooooooooooo! PENS WIN! We just had to get that out, it's been a while. The Pens were back tonight. They looked solid, weren't making a bunch of mistakes, and were playing tough. The Pens used the trap tonight to shut down the Flyers and we know quite a few people are complaining it's boring but we have no problem with it. We enjoyed watching the game and what they were doing was working.

The Pens have had trouble winning in Philly, we believe they've lost the last five or so, and the Flyers had an eight-game winning streak going at home. Between all that and the fact that the Flyers were 17-1-5 after scoring first, we thought it was over before it began. Shame on us. We also thought the whole Crosby, Cooke, and Malkin line was going to be...well not that hot, and we were obviously wrong there too. Right away that line looked good with some good puck cycling and they were moving. Things were looking pretty good and before you knew it, it was a weird/crappy goal by the Flyers. Marc-Andre Fleury went behind the net to play the puck and it hit his stick and took some sort of weird bounce and the puck went right to a Flyer and he tapped into the cage with 12:24 left in the first period. Philly up 0-1. We were being bad fans again and thinking, great, between the eight games in a row at home, the 17-1-5 record after they score first, and just the fact that the Pens have struggled to score points that this wasn't looking good. Wrong again.

With 10:16 left in the first period, Godard and Cote drop the gloves and it's time to fight. We definitely think Godard won this one. Pretty entertaining.

With 8:12 left in the first, Miro Satan takes a hooking penalty. The Pens put together an aggressive penalty kill and deny the Flyers. With 3:13 left Tyler Kennedy puts in a goal while going to the net. Talbot and Bissonnette get assists and the Pens have tied it up 1-1. That was Bissonnette's first NHL point. Right after getting his first point, he follows it up with a fight with Aaron Asham a few seconds later. We give this one to Biz-Nasty.

The second period started with a bang as Crosby stole the puck from Richards along the boards and dished it to Geno who took a nice shot and scored. Pens up 2-1. Crosby's assist on that goal was his 350th career point. Congratulations to Sid! With 7:35 left in the second period, Staal takes off and gets a nice backhander by Biron to put the Pens up 3-1. Maybe that contract did something good for Staal because he now has three goals in three games. Still hating on him now? Then with less than a minute left in the period Crosby gets the puck behind the net and tries a wraparound on Biron that doesn't go in, but Matt Cooke is there to put it home. Pens up 4-1 and we so called that Cooke goal.

In the third period, Lupul made the score 4-2 with 11:53 left in the third and things were still looking good. The Pens had a couple of power plays, but didn't score again. Doesn't matter though, because the Pens held off the Flyers and won 4-2.

-It sure is nice to see the Pens back in business.
-Bob Errey was in rare form tonight. Are we the only ones who enjoy listening to him and laughing?
-Those orange Flyers jerseys are horrible. That white name patch on the back is just tacky.
-We liked Paul Steigerwald's "Little Tiger" comment on Tyler Kennedy.
-Crosby's heel to heel skating along the boards was pretty nice. It's fun watching those little things he can do.
-Do the Flyers fans really need to do a Crosby Sucks chant? Leave it to Philly to encourage something like that. What do they chant when Crosby isn't around?

The Pens will play the Washington Capitals tonight at Mellon Arena at 7:38. We all know what this means. Ovechkin launching himself at Malkin all night long. The whole thing is incredibly ridiculous. We were glad that Malkin handled himself well the last time they met by not getting caught up in Ovechkin's little game. All it did was make Ovie look stupid. Hopefully that continues this time around. We could hope that Ovie won't do it again, but we doubt he's that smart considering last time. Now before anyone gets on our backs about our comments on Ovie, we respect his talents and he's a good player, but we don't like his attitude. Throwing yourself at someone for an entire game and not really playing hockey is just stupid. We won't comment on any of his other low points.

We hope Bissonnette is staying in the lineup for tonight's game in case things get out of hand. Dupuis isn't going to play according to Therrien, so we would think he would be staying. Crosby says if things cross the line, teammates have to stick up for each other. Always good to have some tough guys out there. Matt Cooke staying on the top line would be great too, as he can throw himself as Ovie a few times. Plus the line played so well last night, how could you not?

Ovie and Crosby have also both been chosen to participate in the breakaway challenge event at the All-Star skills competition in Montreal on January 24th. You might have to endure hearing about that tonight as well as how Ovie is the reigning champ. And don't forget the Crosby/Semin issue. Crosby could care less, but you know you're going to hear about it. Semin said this and Semin said that. Hey, if it motivates Crosby to be unreal, then we're all for it. Should be a good game.

Enjoy the game. Let's hope the Pens make it two in row for the first time in a long time. Time to get this ship turned around. LET'S GO PENS!

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