Monday, January 26, 2009

Media Day and a bunch of Steelers stuff

Tuesday is the famous Super Bowl Media Day where players will undoubtedly be asked anything and everything the media can possibly think of and then some. We already heard some pretty bad questions while watching some of the players talk after they arrived in Tampa today, and that's sure to continue on Tuesday. The Steelers are scheduled to talk at noon. According to the NFL Network, they will have coverage starting at noon on the Steelers and then "Extended Sound" - which is described as Media Day interviews - starting at 1:30 and lasts until 2:30. Sounds like a lot of questions. The hour and a half of coverage that is on at noon will be replayed at 4:00. If you're interested, the Cardinals will speak at 9:30 with Extended Sound at 11:00, and replayed at 2:30.

We have a bunch of links. We'll try to pick the better of them.

Questions about Ward's health, Big Ben wants to smack people - Okay so that's not the title, but BB doesn't like it when you ask if Ward is going to play, he is Hines Ward after all. There is also a video here of Deion Sanders talking with Ward.

Are the Steelers the greatest franchise ever?  We like this article. We don't know if we agree completely as that's a huge title, but they definitely deserve to be in the talks. Just the Rooney family alone gives the Steelers an edge.

The Ball Stops Here  Cover story from ESPN the Magazine from last month. Many of you might have seen this, but if you're like us and can't find anywhere that sells the magazine, you miss out. This also includes the video of the photo shoot, which definitely deserves your time to watch it. The guys seem like they had a lot of fun.

Barack Obama will be doing a live interview from the White House before the Super Bowl. It will be his first live interview from the White House.

Troy Polamalu will have a commercial in the Super Bowl that is a remake of the famous Mean Joe Greene Coca-Cola commercial. There is a 12 second preview available of the ad and some behind the scenes stuff. Blog 'N' Gold has it covered again. There is lots of other great stuff over there too.

That's all for now. We'll keep reading more later.

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