Monday, January 5, 2009

Throwing Crosby (and the Pens) under the bus

You knew this was coming, we've made our feelings clear in the past, we don't tolerate throwing people under the bus. It's ridiculous and these people shouldn't consider themselves fans. Granted, there can be players on a team you love that you don't care for because they're an ass, but that isn't the situation here. We don't have any T.O.s or Sean Averys, only a kid who works hard on a daily basis, competes at a high level, and makes the people around him better. Not to mention he does charity work, buys luxury boxes for charity, and hosts hockey camps for kids.

By now you know who we're talking about, Sidney Crosby. Crosby has had a couple issues lately and all of a sudden he's the devil himself. The punching of the guy's balls was a little questionable, no doubt, but let's face it, that and more happens in the bottom of a pileup in football and we don't hear people whining about that. Players or otherwise. The we have the fight from the other night. We've already said that we believe what Crosby had to say, he hasn't done anything to warrant anyone to think otherwise. We say big freakin' deal and everyone is blowing that fight way out of proportion. Everyone makes mistakes and questionable choices. There are so many idiots in this world and we want to punch someone in the face all the time. Sometimes you lose it, and in hockey, fighting is allowed. So go ahead, take out that frustration! Unless you're Sidney Crosby.

But it's so fun to pick on Sidney Crosby! We really think him being the face of the league and the fact that he basically does no wrong, along with his talent, is the only reason people enjoy this. He makes one questionable choice and it's time to jump on his back because all of a sudden he's not perfect. You don't see other players getting this treatment other than the Sean Averys that do this for a living and they deserve it. It's rather pathetic.

Example: this idiot from Fox Sports. The whole thing is a giant mess, but you just don't say this about anyone,

"One can only surmise that Sid lacks the anatomical requirement to fully comprehend the pain associated with such an event, otherwise he never would have attempted it." - In reference to Sidney's balls punch.

Are you kidding us? Seriously? You're a professional writer and you write garbage like that? That crosses a line for us. You may think it, but you don't write it. Disgusting. He also goes on to say that Sidney is no tough guy. We're not going to say that he's some big fighter, but the kid is strong. You don't have tree trunks for legs and be a weakling. Yeah, ok so because you're strong or have big legs doesn't mean you can fight, but you're also hard to take down. Crosby had asked Georges Laraque when he was with the Pens for fighting tips. We're sure he learned a thing or two. Georges also said that when sparring with Crosby, he was strong and extremely hard to move. That has got to be worth something.

And then there's the fan that loves him when he's hot and hates him when he's not. You know the type. Now these people don't surprise us, but we have to admit it's just a tad surprising when people are calling for him to be traded. Just a tad though. He makes, possibly, a couple of mistakes and isn't hot for a while and OHEMGEE let's trade him now while he's still worth something! Still worth something? You have to be kidding. He'd have to do a heck of a lot more for him to have any decreased worth. One fan even saying his production is down and it's obviously never going back up. WHAT?! What are you on or what are you watching that you think that? Then there are the whiners that complain about him not shooting enough. We agree he should shoot more, but how many times have you seen him making that impossible pass for a beautiful goal? We put this in the same regard as Ben Roethlisberger and his whiners about how he holds on to the ball too long. Once again, we agree he can do that and takes a few sacks that you can't blame on the O-line, but how many times does he hang in there and make that big play on third down? Then they love him, right? Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad when it comes to talented players. They can do things others cannot and when they make a mistake, oh no they're normal! Sidney Crosby is not superhuman as some of you may think, so please stop whining about his imperfections, he's still one of the best players in the world.

We also have to add this, the fans also want to throw the entire team and it's staff under the bus. Time to fire just about everyone. We use a program that keeps track of who visits this blog and one of the options is to see what a person typed into a search box to land on this blog. Well yesterday one person searched, "Penguins should fire Therrien." Nice. What are you looking for when you type that? Someone who agrees with you, no doubt. Have fun with that.

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