Sunday, January 4, 2009

Crosby fights!

Okay, so we're completely tired of typing Pens lose as a title so we figured we'd jazz it up with a title that will totally rock your boat. Or not, but it's the best we've got at this point. We don't even know what to say here other than the Pens came out strong and we have no idea what happened after that. This whole our cat could score a goal and show more drive than they are thing is getting old. Okay so we made that up just now, but seriously, he probably could. We have no idea what the answer is or even what the problem is, although we might bet money on they're not playing as a team. Any team who has that kind of talent should not be in this position and definitely should be able to score a power play goal at some point here. We don't want to push the panic button but we're getting awfully close because it's about as low as we can get at this point.

*Ok, game break, we're watching NHL on the Fly and they showed Alexander Semin in a fight tonight against Marc Staal and talk about pathetic. It's like a small child beating on his stuffed animal during a temper tantrum. Embarrassing. You can watch it here. Now back to the show.*

We'd also think that the Pens would be getting as low as they can before something breaks. Or maybe it already has and that's the problem. Sidney Crosby seemed awfully frustrated since he decided to fight. He said it wasn't exactly frustration, but how much can one person take? We all know his mentality on the ice and he's a competitor. Obviously he had no idea he'd be in the box for 20 minutes and we take him for his word on what he said about the fight after the game. We can hear the Crosby sucks, Crosby's dirty, Crosby's cheap etc talk now. You can watch his comments here:

We thought Max Talbot's fight was a good one, pretty entertaining to us. He won that one and good for him to stick up for his teammate. Too bad that didn't spark a little something out the Pens. Between that and Crosby's 20 minutes in the box, it wasn't for a whole lot of anything unfortunately.

The only positive thing we even have to say is we're glad that Tyler Kennedy is back in the mix. He and that third line were really bringing something good to the table before he was injured and maybe this could bring a little life back to the Pens even though it didn't yesterday.

In the end, it's obvious something needs to change whether it's the perfect line combinations, new players, new coach(es), whatever. We're not jumping on the fire Coach Therrien bandwagon or anything, but things don't seem to be looking up after yesterday's pretty crappy performance. Team playing and consistency need to happen, but we have no idea how. Here's to hoping for a turn around.

By the way, the Pens lost to the Panthers 6-1. As if you didn't know that already.

Crosby and Malkin were named starters for the 2009 NHL All-Star game. Marc-Andre Fleury ended up a little behind Carey Price for the starting goalie spot.

Maybe we should get Angelo Esposito back, he scored a nice shorthanded goal against Russia tonight in the World Junior Championships. *shrugs* Now we're really grasping at straws.

Pens play the Rangers Monday night at Madison Square Garden on Versus. You know the drill, we'll get it on the internet. Hopefully. We should also have a guest post sometime after that game from a Rangers fan. Should be good. As always, Let's Go Pens!

Edited to add: Check out The Pensblog's recap, we especially like it and the photoshops tonight.


Mike said...

Both the Semin and Crosby fights were pretty ugly.

I wish Crosby would have given McLean a chance to fight back. I bet Crosby would have won the legitimate fight if they really started swinging.

As for the Semin fight, he needs to put on some weight. Staal should have handled him easily if he again they actually threw punches.

Faceoffs and First Downs said...

The Crosby fight was definitely not exactly a fight and we agree, he more than likely would have won it had it been a genuine fight. We do believe what Crosby said in terms of asking McLean to fight just because he's never shown there's a reason not to and has been a class act. Minus maybe one incident.

As for the Semin fight, all we could do was laugh.