Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Steelers stuff, Pens vs. Hurricanes

We have a bunch of Steelers links for you to read up on if you so choose. We also have to tell you that Big Ben was at the Pitt basketball game tonight in the upper deck area. Eating ice cream. Chocolate ice cream. Looked like Dippin' Dots. You just had to know that right? We thought so. Jeff Reed and Santonio Holmes were also there, but first row, center court. Guess they didn't compare schedules. Pitt beat Syracuse 78-60 after losing their first of the season to Louisville and losing their number 1 ranking, dropping to number 4. We just had to mention all this because we recommended you watch Pitt Saturday night and they lost. The team looked a lot better last night and we still recommend you watch a game or two.

We also found out yesterday that Willie Parker loves Michelle Obama. Who can blame him? She's quite beautiful. The link is to a video over at KDKA with an interview with Willie Parker where he is wearing an I (heart) Michelle Obama shirt. He also hopes the Steelers get to be the first team to meet President Obama after winning the Super Bowl.

Barack Obama also knows about the Steelers. Dan Rooney has a short interview further into this video talking about his support for Obama and Obama knowing what was going on with the Steelers.

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