Saturday, January 10, 2009

Big surprise, Pens lose

We were completely entertained today when we watched Inside Penguins Hockey with Max Talbot and Marc-Andre Fleury. Things were great. Talking about fashion, dinner, and Danny Potash. We were laughing our heads off. Ah, good times. Then we found out Dany Sabourin was starting in net and figured it was over before it even began. Yeah, we know, great attitude. Right from the start we calmed down a bit, it was going okay in net, he was making some saves. The first goal didn't seem to be his fault so we were okay. And then Crosby assisting Geno on a nice goal (a Power Play goal!!!) tied it up and we felt like we could breathe. Bad idea. 

Colorado scores in the second and the Pens are down again. Then the two-headed monster strikes again, this time Geno to Crosby, and we're right back in it. So we feel better for a while. A very short while. Almost no time at all. Then before you know it the Pens are back down by two to head into the third. 

Fleury comes in and plays pretty well. We think. We're guilty, we switched over to see the score of the Ravens - Titans game a few times. Whoops. Jordan Staal gets a short handed goal and a it looks like the Pens are in business. Not for long. Soon it's 5-3 and hopes are waning. Where's the urgency boys?! Finally, towards the end of the game we see a little effort, but it's a little late and nothing came of it anyway. And what is Satan doing out there in an extra attacker situation? He's practically invisible all the time lately, why put him out there when you need a goal?

Glad to see Hal Gill out there but we don't know if he's 100%. And what's with sitting Alex Goligoski all the time lately? Last time he played he was on offense as a winger. We don't understand what he did that he's not playing. Maybe our seeing is off or something but we haven't seen any reason why he shouldn't be playing. Especially with Mark Eaton out there. Boucher can be a little iffy as well although he seemed to play well today.

Something just needs to happen and we really do feel like no trade or coach change could really help. Unless all those rumors that never seem to go away about the players hating Therrien are true, we doubt the coaching is really to blame. It seems like the players need to just get on the same page. You'd think that team only meeting would have done something, but obviously not. One thing we do think needs to change and soon is the presence in front of the net. Max Talbot seems to be the only one really doing anything there. They need to get guys in front of the net to score some of those dirty goals. And where is the defense in front of the net? Players stand in front of Fleury (or Sabourin) all day. Where are the players getting these guys out of there? It seems like no one wants to do the dirty work. Those beautiful goals and plays aren't going to cut it. When will they finally wake up? When they really are out of the playoff picture? We hope not.

The Pens will play again on Tuesday in Philadelphia. Oh boy, the Flyers. Will this get the Pens going?

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