Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pens vs. Avalanche

Pens play the Colorado Avalanche (21-19-1) today at 3:00 p.m. The Pens better play a heck of a lot stronger today than last game. Hopefully the Dads won't have to suffer another bad loss on the road. If they do, the Dads should totally ground their sons until they play some good hockey.

And we're totally out of it right now so we'll spare you any rambling that makes no sense and get some sleep so we can make a somewhat coherent post after the game later today.

So the thoughts/rumors are true. Ruslan Fedotenko is out four to six weeks with a broken right hand after fighting Colby Armstrong during the Atlanta Thrashers game. He was playing good hockey before this so this does hurt the team. Too bad Satan couldn't take his spot. We're not sure how we feel about this. The "fight" was good as Feds took Colby down mighty fast, but that's gotta suck. And make you feel kind of stupid. Maybe we're wrong on this, we're not fighters so we have no idea.

Along the same lines, the Pens have called up Chris Minard to take Feds' spot in the lineup.

Seth over at Empty Netters is awesome as usual and had some great posts yesterday. Including part of an interview with Jaromir Jagr and what he would think about returning to the Pens. Talking to Ken Campbell of Hockey News, he said this: 

"I was thinking about it and if Mario (Lemieux) would call me and say, ‘I’d like you to play for our team,’ I would think about it a lot. I would play for the minimum salary. I would play for $350,000 just for him because I owe him my hockey life. I want to pay him back because he has made me what I am…besides my parents."

Wow. We have no idea what we have to say about that. We're too incoherent to think about it. Although right now, if he could come and score a bazillion goals on Sid's line, that'd be awesome.

Head over and also read that the Dupuises are not brothers (sorry folks) and see a freakin' amazing goal by Bobby Ryan.

We're sorry we're so lazy and we really need to learn to get our posts done before 3 a.m. We'll be earlier tomorrow. And hopefully more coherent. We promise.

We'll leave you off with the picture that Dick LeBeau and his defense took. We posted the link to the video yesterday. And yes, Troy Polamalu is missing from that picture.

(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

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