Saturday, January 24, 2009

Geno and Ovie: BFFs!


Aren't they cute? (Well at least one of them) Geno and Ovie have put bad times behind them and are now BFFs. Don't believe us? Check out these pictures:


Geno helped Ovie in the breakaway competition by providing some props and even some Gatorade.



You can watch the video of that right here:

Awww! Nothing like teamwork between two of the world's best players. It was also reported that the two hit the town last night together. Can this story get any better?! We think we're tearing up. Or not. Does this mean Ovie won't be attacking Geno anymore?

As for the breakaway competition, Ovie's prop stunt was the best part. We weren't impressed to say the least. Ryan Getzlaf of the Ducks did the best thing we saw all night in terms of actual skills, but that's just us. You can watch the whole thing here:

Geno participated in the accuracy part of the Superskills competition. Video here:

Can you guess who won? Congrats Geno! He hit 4 of 4 in the first round, as did Dany Heatley. In the tiebreaker, Geno was 3 of 4, while Heatley was only 2 for 4.


Edited to add:

Seth over at Empty Netters has a thing or two to say about the All-Star game and Ovechkin. He says that Ovie gets it that he's in the entertainment business and he's there to entertain. We have to admit Ovie's stunt was pretty amusing and it didn't hurt that Geno was his helper. We still think Ovie could gain a little more class and aren't exactly fans, but we'll give him this one. How can you not like the goofball in this picture? Are we getting soft? Let's hope not.


Ovechkin, Malkin put feud to rest in SuperSkills

Language barriers falling quickly for Penguins' Malkin  Geno is still a little shy speaking English, and still getting away with dodging reporters.

We're going to be total girls here on this. You know we love accents and Geno doesn't disappoint on this interview. Certain parts of his English are getting really good. How can you not love him? Geno talking after the SuperSkills:

Geno after the morning skate 1/24:

Geno on 1/23:

We can't believe we didn't notice until now that Geno cut that mullet off. YES!

We decided if we talked about the suspensions for not participating in the All-Star game or the comments from Sharks player Jeremy Roenick on Sidney Crosby, we'd be here all day and night. Let's just say the suspension thing just seems ridiculous, especially if you are truly hurt. Ruutu gets two games for biting and you get one for missing the All-Star game? Okay.

As for the comments, considering this guy's past, he should keep his mouth shut. We can't stand when people run their mouth when their past is less than stellar. You're better off not saying a word. Yeah, you got yourself some publicity. In a bad way. Unless there is some big problem going on concerning who you're talking about, we think you just look stupid bringing it up. Even if this stuff were true, why did you need to say it? Maybe he should take lessons from Crosby.

We like what Faceoff-Factor had to say, so you should go read that instead of us blabbing on here. Plus, it was probably better worded over there than we would of spit out at 2:30 am.

Lastly, do yourself a favor and watch this Inside Penguins Hockey if you haven't already caught it on FSN. This episode featured Max Talbot and Marc-Andre Fleury and it was a good episode that will make you laugh.

Whew, that was quite the post. We'll be back with some Steelers stuff later on.

The last few videos are giving us some trouble now and aren't loading right all of a sudden, if they don't load for you we'll try to fix it tomorrow.

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