Friday, December 12, 2008

Two hat tricks, 9 goals mean win for Pens

(Peter Diana/Post-Gazette)
Nice furry hood.

What a way for the Pens to end their losing streak. They couldn't have asked for a better way to get back into the swing of things than two players getting hat tricks and 9, yes 9, goals to beat the Islanders 9-2. John Curry looked great in net, making some really good saves. Not that we're going to complain that Fleury should be coming back soon, but we'd like to see this kid some more. Petr Sykora got his first NHL hat trick last night and the hats came raining down. Along with a few bags that had been given out. Bob Errey mentioned that it's not common practice, but all of those hats would be in Sykora's locker for him to enjoy. After the game, while talking to the media, you could see some of those hats. Nice. Sykora had 38 two-goal games in his career and it took him 871 games to get his first hat trick. Sykora also added an assist on the night. Not to be outdone, Pascal Dupuis also got his first NHL hat trick. We thought all the hats would be gone, but no way, Dupuis got his share of hats and bags as well. Dupuis also got the familiar shaving cream towel to the face on the ice after the game while talking to Dan Potash. If we find the video, we'll post it.

Philippe Boucher scored his first goal as a Penguin last night, as well as his first of the season. Miro Satan and Evgeni Malkin added the other two goals. Sidney Crosby had three assists on the night. Sid was making those moves as always, and looked a little frustrated when he wasn't scoring. We all know it'll come, he's Sidney Crosby. Tim Wallace was hitting people all over the ice and seems to be making himself known in the short time he's been here. Fans in the arena were yelling "WE WANT TEN!" at the end of the game. Pretty funny.

Hopefully this game is exactly what the Pens needed to get some confidence and start back on a winning streak. Their next game is Saturday against the Flyers at 1:00 p.m.

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