Monday, December 22, 2008

Steelers lose to Titans, lose number 1 seed

We might as well start off by saying we didn't get to watch the game. We watched part of the first quarter on an online feed but the No Fun League must have caught on and it was shut down. We didn't find any others that would work so we resorted to the radio and watched that ridiculous rout of the Cardinals by the Patriots. The best part of that was Wes Welker's snow angel, the snow balls flying from the stands, and that middle aged man making a snowman on the ledge. Talk about wooooo!

The best part of the Steelers game? James Harrison breaking the sack record, Santonio Holmes' TD catch, and Hines Ward's TD catch. And basically that's all we can say because we didn't see any of it until the "highlights." Sounds like Big Ben had a bad day to say the least. And that unsportsman-like conduct penalty? WTF? Terrible. The Steelers are now the number 2 seed in the AFC and will get their bye week while the rest of the playoff contenders duke it out. Now if the Ravens would only fall on their faces and lose to Jacksonville next week, we'd be pretty happy. It should be interesting to see what Mike Tomlin decides to do next week in terms of starters. Does the fact that it's the Cleveland Browns factor in at all?

Steelers fall flat and are manhandled by No. 1 seed Titans. We couldn't have said it any better ourselves.

Found this over at Blog 'n' Gold. Might give you a laugh. Enjoy.

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