Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ryan Clark makes nice hits, legally

Ryan Clark had a huge hit Sunday on Patriots' player Wes Welker that drew a penalty. Today, the NFL said there should have been no penalty on that play because the hit was legal. It's pretty safe to say that Ryan Clark will not be fined. Although the Patriots have been running their mouth about the hit, saying it was dirty. Ryan Clark doesn't care and won't change his playing style, jokingly adding that it's Ward's fault the NFL now watches the Steelers closely. Good article, read it by clicking the link above.

The hit:

Ben Roethlisberger left practice yesterday after tweaking his knee throwing a pass. The Steelers were practicing outside and Big Ben slipped on some mud and slightly injured his knee. Ben doesn't think the injury is anything serious.

Quote of the week from Ryan Clark when asked about Tony Romo being a celebrity:

"I stopped reading US Weekly and all that stuff, I felt kind of feminine, you know, so I really haven't been up on it. I do know he's an awesome quarterback. I don't know if he can sing."

Told his girlfriend Jessica Simpson could, Clark answered, "Can she?"


The rest of Steelers notebook.

Some other good news, Deal for Steelers all but done.

Hines Ward went to an elementary school after the kid who won the take a player to school contest picked him. Check out the picture to the left.

Lastly, check out Blog 'N' Gold, they have some good links and info today.

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