Sunday, December 7, 2008

Steelers come from behind to beat Cowboys

(Peter Diana/Post-Gazette)

This is one of those games/posts where we have no idea where to start. So we'll go with this, the Steelers beat the Cowboys at Heinz Field today 20-13. The game started out slow to say the least. There was some excitement in the form of turnovers, but in terms of scoring, nothing was happening. Neither team looked good on offense and the Cowboys defense was being made to look pretty good. The Steelers defense was it's usual self, playing at a high level throughout the game. We think we'll just list our thoughts from here:

-Troy Polamalu had his 7th interception today and his 4th interception in as many games. He also made some great tackles and was all over the field as usual.

-Speaking of interceptions, Ike Taylor held on for a good one this week which led to a Jeff Reed field goal. Who says Ike never holds on to the ball?

-We can't get off interceptions just yet. We saved the best for last. How about Deshea Townsend's interception? He intercepted Tony Romo, throwing his third of the day, and returned it 25 yards for a touchdown to put the Steelers ahead for good 20-13. That seemed fitting considering the defenses' amazing play.

-James Harrison had a sack today for his 15th, tying the Steelers record. The big man also proved he's agile once again by attempting to jump over an offensive lineman. Didn't result in a big play, but what a site.

-Why doesn't Gary Russell play more? Third downs at least. It seems like he never goes down at first contact. It always takes more than one defender to bring him down. No offense to Fast Willie but it just wasn't working today (12 carries for 25 yards).

-Why doesn't Mewelde Moore play more?!

-Ben Roethlisberger wasn't too hot today, but did what he needed to do in the end. 

-Are the Steelers taking a page from the Penguins playbook in terms of the games going down to the wire? Talk about heart problems.

-Santonio Holmes came up big today with a big punt return and a 47 yard catch that should have led to a TD, but the Steelers couldn't punch it in. This is where everyone thought the game was over, right?

-How did Nate Washington get up after that catch towards the end of the game? The one where the defender held on and completely twisted his knee around. Nate sure gave new meaning to jumping back up.

-Were we the only ones getting sick of hearing Tashard Choice's name? At least he didn't get 100 yards.

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Off to Baltimore next week for a big one. The Ravens won the Sunday night game over the Redskins to stay just behind the Steelers in the AFC North.

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