Sunday, December 28, 2008

Pens, Sid look good but lose to Montreal

The Pens looked a lot better last night than they have in a while, but still lost to Montreal 3-2. Carey Price was the main reason. The Pens finally out-shot an opponent, but just couldn't get more than two goals past Price. The Pens had a lot of great chances and Price was almost always there to say no. The Pens weren't constantly playing in their own end and Sidney Crosby got off of the no-goals bandwagon by scoring a lightning-fast wrap around goal. He also had one assist on the other goal scored by Pascal Dupuis. We told you he'd get over his "slump."

On the negative front, the Pens power-play once again let them down as they scored no goals on five chances. The defense could have stepped it up a bit too.

Crosby once again is number one on Hockey News' '100 People of Power and Influence" in the hockey world.

Penguins Notebook: Crosby won't concede scoring title to Malkin yet  Tim Wallace played in tonight's game after Eric Godard was injured in Friday night's game, while Coach Therrien said that Hal Gill will "probably" play again the Boston Bruins Tuesday night at Mellon Arena.

Molinari on the Penguins  Will Sid and Geno be the first teammates in league history to each get 100 assists in the same season?

Sorry for the short Steelers post here at the end, but we're in some pain (long story) and need to go to bed so we're taking the short route tonight.

Tomorrow's game against the Browns is technically meaningless in terms of playoffs or standings, but obviously all Steelers fans like beating the Browns. It's become less of a rivalry in terms of the winning is on the Steelers side in the last bit, but that doesn't mean that either team doesn't play their hardest or sees these games as "just another game." Both teams badly want to win, if for nothing other than bragging rights. Coach Mike Tomlin said that his team will be playing to win. So let the winning begin...HERE WE GO STEELERS, HERE WE GO!

Enjoy the game!

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