Monday, December 29, 2008

Big Ben hurt, Steelers win


The Steelers beat the Browns 31-0 yesterday at Heinz Field. Big Ben was hurt and left Steelers fans silent as he lay on the field while they took his face mask off and loaded him onto a backboard. As he was leaving he gave the encouraging thumbs up and the silent Heinz Field erupted. Thankfully it was only a concussion and he should be ready to go for the playoffs. That bye week really looks good now.

Byron Leftwich came into the game and played very well. His touchdown scramble was a highlight and it looked like he hadn't scored one of those in a while didn't it? He looked like a little kid out there. 

Hines Ward went over 1000 yards receiving today and also caught his 800th career reception from rookie QB Dennis Dixon. We would have liked to see more of him to see what he could do, although his first couple of plays did not go well.

We could probably say a lot more but we're headed to bed. We had an emergency to deal with this morning and just got home in time for the game. Frankly, we're spent. Please head over to the PG for all the great Steelers coverage. Sorry once again.

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