Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pens lose. Again.

(Peter Diana/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
Yoga anyone?

Ah the memories to be had tonight. Ryan Malone and his Pittsburgh background. WWGRD? Adam Hall. At least those memories are something to remember unlike last night's game. The Pens lost to basically the worst team to lose to and it was a shutout on top of that. Oh and did we mention they pretty much had no shots? Pathetic. The chances they did have were blown or missed. Sykora, Malkin, Crosby anyone? How many times did Sykora miss the goal tonight? As in wide open net. Malkin should have scored on that breakaway but he let Smith say no. Crosby should have scored on Geno's beautiful "pass" (yeah he basically left it for him but we're too dumb to come up with a better description right now). Crosby also recorded zero shots. Zero. Wow.

Is it time to hit the panic button yet? We were going to go with no, and probably still will, but Michel Therrien's post-game conference was a little disturbing. The players are complaining on the bench? About what? How shitty they've played? Each other? Their lack of focus? Depending on exactly what they're complaining about, that could be serious. Hopefully MT knows what to do and can get their asses in gear because you can't keep playing like this and hope to win games. Even against Tampa Bay.

The positives about tonight's game? Fleury keeping them in it and Jeff Taffe's beautiful save when Fleury was out of the net. Now we call that a play. And how does he get rewarded? Sent back to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton with Tim Wallace. YES!

One other negative being that fans booed Ryan Malone. We find that a bit inappropriate. He didn't do anything wrong and it wasn't his fault he left. He's even thinking of getting the Pittsburgh skyline tattooed on his right forearm. Save the booing for Marian Hossa. At least he acted like somewhat of a jerk.

Penguins Notebook  At least some people cheered for Malone at one point, better than booing him.

Lightning earn rare win, beat Pens 2-0  We like that headline. Not. Includes Therrien's post-game comments.

Some Steelers news: Marvel Smith has been placed on injured reserve and have signed tackle Jason Capizzi in his place. Mike Tomlin also is holding practice on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Coach Therrien, are you listening?

Don't ask Tomlin about Sunday  He doesn't seem to plan to rest any of the starters and will play to win against Cleveland.

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