Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pens play strip hockey

Lots of stuff on the Pens front to today. First off, Marc-Andre Fleury is officially back. He will be in the lineup for today's game against the Flyers but Coach Therrien has yet to say whether he will be playing or backing up Dany Sabourin. That means we have to say goodbye to John Curry for now as he and Chris Minard were re-assigned to the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins. Max Talbot missed practice and is considered day to day with an, as usual, undisclosed injury he received during the Islanders game.

We've all heard of strip poker, but strip hockey? Yesterday's practice included some rather unusual games. Michel Therrien has a game he calls "baseball" that the Pens sometimes play that involves teams attempting to score before the other team can race from the goal line to the blue line, to the boards and back to the goal line. You can read the full description here. Also played in practice yesterday was strip hockey. You're probably thinking, it's not what it sounds like, right? You'd be wrong, it's exactly what it sounds like. Ladies, please stop drooling. It goes like this; if you don't score on a breakaway from the blue line, you take something off; you score, you get to put something back on. Kris Letang was the loser in this game who ended up trying to score on one skate as his left foot was bare and he also lost his helmet, gloves, jersey, and upper-body pads. What show that must have been.

(Peter Diana/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

What a picture. Talk about intensity. Does that kinda scare anyone else?

Penguins: Another chemistry class is in session. Crosby and Satan are trying to find that chemistry that Crosby and Hossa used to have, as well as Staal, Kennedy, and Cooke before TK's injury. They feel it's coming. We hope it is.

This is rather random and we had to laugh. Yesterday's Dear Margo letter is about a girl whose boyfriend is obsessed with the Penguins and it's affecting their relationship. We say the only foul there is that he only has one ticket to the games. We'd be pissed if our significant other only had one ticket to all the Pens games. Now that's a reason to break-up.

The Pens play the Flyers tomorrow at 1:00. Preview.

Let's go Pens!

P.S. - Major Steelers update tomorrow.

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