Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pens lose, hold players-only meeting

We feel like we're always writing about a Penguins loss on here. It's getting old. Call us bad fans, but we're sick of trying to write anything about these losses. Don't get us wrong, we watch every game - the whole thing, and wouldn't think of doing anything else, but writing about it gets pretty depressing. The Pens lost to the Bruins 5-2 last night. When you see the 18 point gap in the Eastern Conference standings, it makes you kind of sick and at least for us, it doesn't make the loss seem any better. The Pens started the game out well and continued to play well through at least the second. It keeps looking like things should be better for the Pens, but the end result seems to always be the same. Looking promising only lasts so long. If you can't finish games, none of that really matters. We really do think things will turn around and it won't be like this forever, they have way too much talent, but between Coach Therrien talking about the players complaining on the bench and his latest comments, we're wondering what's going on. He said that some players are more worried about their own goals, rather than the team's. He declined to mention names of course, but he's accusing some of his players of not playing for the team. Great. Brooks Orpik and Matt Cooke had a couple things to say as well. Not exactly let's push the panic button, but it doesn't sound great. They're basically saying they need to work on "team things." The best step in that direction was what happened immediately after the game, a players-only meeting. Coach Therrien is anxious to see what's going to come out of it. He said it was about time they had a meeting. Does anyone think Crosby had a thing or two to say? Someone was rather grouchy after the game when talking to reporters, although who can blame him? Whatever happened in that meeting, we sure hope it helps.

The Pens will play the Bruins again Thursday in Boston.

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