Monday, December 15, 2008

Steelers beat Ravens to clinch AFC North

(Peter Diana/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Once again, this week, we have to say we have no idea where to start. The game was basically what everyone thought it was going to be, low-scoring and physical. Although we have to say, things weren't as dirty as we thought they would be. Although Mitch Berger has something to say about dirty. More on that later. We think we'll just separate our thoughts out like last week.

-The defense is amazing. No TDs for Baltimore, even though they had good field position many times, especially after Ed Reeds fumble recovery. As good as they've been for how many years now, they're at they're best. We believe this is a championship defense.

-Speaking of championships, is this a team of destiny again? We're not convinced yet but these fourth quarter comebacks are saying something. The Steelers have outscored their opponents 37-0 in the fourth quarter as of late.

-You can say what you want about Big Ben, but when the game is on line, he's producing game-winning drives. Why it has to be like this, we can't answer, but he's making it happen. Big Ben even makes big jokes. After the game he was commenting on the game-winning TD and said he was going to run it in but saw purple jerseys coming and went the other way, "but I hold on to the ball too long." Nice.

-Are we the only ones who saw James Harrison being held all day once again?

-Are we the only ones that got sick of seeing Ray Lewis after every play. You'd think the Ravens consist of only Ray Lewis.

-Santonio Holmes made some mistakes to say the least, but what a catch and toe drag in the endzone on the winning TD.

-Who's ready to hear Ravens fans crying foul because they don't think that was a touchdown?

-Nate Washington dropped a couple balls, but he was clutch later on.

-Saved the best for last. Hines Ward had over 100 yards and was clutch as usual. He fought for those YACs and picked up some first downs.

-Max Starks' tackle of Ed Reed after Holmes' fumble was huge.

-William Gay has played really well as of late and his interception to end the game was  a good one.

-William Gay has mad dance skills. (Hopefully someone caught that and will put it on YouTube, it's not there as of now. It was included on NFL Gameday on NFL Network).

-Why do the Ravens have male cheerleaders? Seriously. Why? (Oh wow. We looked that up and it's worse than we thought. Go here to check them out. What a picture. They even make appearances!)

As for the Ravens being dirty, Mitch Berger said that Frank Walker spit in his face after Jeff Reed kicked the point after on the game-winning touchdown. Berger said that Walker dove for Jeff's knee, trying to take it out so he went over to him and he spit in his face. Reed pushed him for spitting in his face and received a 15-yard penalty for doing so. Berger said he spit right in his mouth. Disgusting. Period.

Tomlin skips out on tough decision More comments from Reed on his penalty.

If you want to pick up your Steelers Division Champs gear, you can go here. But we really recommend waiting a few weeks or less and picking up at a discount if you live in or near the 'burgh. If you were there anytime after the Super Bowl, you know how much of that stuff they produce. We always end up down there at some point and buying that stuff for like 5 bucks.

If you want to watch the game again, it will be on NFL Reply on NFL Network Tuesday night at 9:30 p.m. We think it's also on again later that night at some point and throughout the week.

Steelers play the Titans next Sunday at 1 p.m. Been a long time since a 1 p.m. start. The Titans lost Sunday to the Houston Texans.


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