Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pens lose

(Matt Freed/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

That picture about says it all. The Pens lost to the Maple Leafs 7-3 last night in a poor performance. The Leafs came out strong and basically dominated the entire game. Okay not even basically, they just straight up beat the Penguins' asses and the Pens never had much to counter that. Marc-Andre Fleury looked so good against Atlanta and tonight, not so much. Not every goal was his fault, but he wasn't his usual self, giving up a couple of soft goals. Dany Sabourin came into the game in the third. Not that anyone particularly cares now, but Dany decided to go with the old school pads when MAF didn't. That was almost the highlight of the night. Sidney Crosby seemed a little flat tonight, which we don't say or think often. The highlight of the night came from Evgeni Malkin on his beautiful goal in the first period to tie the game at 1-1. That was basically the end of the highlight reel. You could argue that Geno's game of tap the puck was interesting, and would have been better if it'd worked out. We feel like we say this all the time but that was, once again, a Sidney Crosby move. See here:

and here:

Or the Winter Classic, but we're too tired to look for that one right now.

Game recap. We like the title for this on the main page: Pens foiled by foliage. Nice one.

Aftermath: Maple Leafs 7, Penguins 3

Empty Netters picks out a mistake from Coach MT's press conference quote sheet.

Pens play the Sabres on Monday and it will be on Versus. Let's hope they play better than last night.

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