Sunday, December 14, 2008

Steelers vs. Ravens, Pens lose

Today is a big game for the Steelers. Not only are they playing their hated rivals the Ravens, but the AFC North title could be won. Should be a low-scoring, physical battle. If you like defense, this is definitely the game for you. We're a little out of it, so we're going to leave you with a few must-reads and game previews.

Since October, pain has had new definition for family of Aaron Smith. Several weeks ago many of us heard that Aaron Smith was going through a tough time with his family, but details weren't talked about. Smith now talks about his son's diagnosis with cancer and how it's been for his family. Extremely touching and a good read. We wish his family well and that his son beats his leukemia.

The Pens lost to the Flyers today 6-3. We didn't see the entire game, which is rare for us, so we don't have a whole lot to say other than what we did watch, we weren't impressed with. We're glad Fleury is ready to come back because Sabourin seems to need a break, he doesn't look so good. The Pens as a whole didn't look so good either. And those Flyers jerseys were horrible. Just had to say it.

The Penguins have re-assigned forwards Jeff Taffe and Connor James. Must be Talbot is going to be able to play and the Pens must like Tim Wallace. We don't blame them.

Pens next game is Thursday against Atlanta.

See you tomorrow. With a much better post, hopefully.

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