Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Steelers Stuff

We found a plethora of stuff on the Steelers for you to enjoy today. First off, we have to share this, Why can't Ike and Nate catch? Are you serious? Nate may have been known in the past for dropping some balls, but we think he's been pretty darn good as of late, including a couple great catches on Sunday. Ike has definitely been known to drop a ball or two out there as well, but as Coach Noll used to say, if they could catch they'd be receivers. We also think we remember it raining just a little bit during the game. So if anyone thinks they can play better than either of those two on Sunday, let us know. Seriously, why do fans have to pick apart everything?

The Steelers are now number 3 in fans' loyalty after being first last year. The Pens moved up from 20th to 8th. Big surprise there. 

Ron Cook writes about Plaxico Burress today in his article Was this Burress' last shot? We have to agree that he's acted like an idiot. Between his whining, missing practices, meetings, and treatments, and now shooting himself in a night club, he chances should be up. We're sick of these grown men acting like children and NFL teams catering to them because they're good on the field. It's about time these off the field issues aren't tolerated at all and maybe some of these things wouldn't happen.

Blog 'N' Gold is pretty entertaining in their last post. Between their thoughts on Burress still being dumb and their awesome links, it should entertain you for a while. Also, be sure to check out this t-shirt.

Yesterday, the Steelers released Najeh Davenport once again to make room for defensive tackle Scott Paxson. Again. Roy Lewis was also re-signed to the practice squad.

Speaking of idiots, Pacman Jones will return Sunday against the Steelers.

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