Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Crosby named first star of the week

Sidney Crosby was named first star of the week yesterday after having six goals and three assists making nine points in three games. Of course the always modest Crosby thinks he can do better, saying "It's nice. It was a good week...I could still get a few more."

Not to be outdone, Evgeni Malkin was also rewarded yesterday when he was named the second star for November having seven goals, 23 points in 12 games during that month. Geno's comments? "[It's] not me. Sid plays very well. I feel good. The team is playing great." All while smiling of course.

In our Steelers post we had a link to a fan question and we'll have one here too. One of today's "questions" suggests the Penguins should trade Marc-Andre Fleury now before everyone else figures out he's a "middle-of-the-pack goalie who gets hurt a lot." Wow, okay then. Dave Molinari answers well here in saying that's not a good plan and backs it up with solid statistics. Again, why do fans have to complain about anything and everything?! Never happy unless they're complaining. Just be happy people. Please.

Rise of the Two-Headed Monster. (Good read, Malkin approves of this new nickname for him and his sidekick, whom he thinks is the better player.)

More tomorrow.

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