Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pens fall to Rangers

Did this really just happen AGAIN? It did. The Pens lost to the Rangers in a shootout 3-2 after having a 2-0 lead, a 2-1 lead going into the third. We thought the Pens were playing well and figured they were going to win this one. Bob Errey was even telling us that time was running out on the Rangers and we thought things were pretty safe. You should never think things are safe. Or over for that matter. That's definitely one thing we've learned this year.

Sidney Crosby looked pretty good tonight, especially in his set-up of Mark Eaton for the Pens first goal. That was Eaton's first goal as a 'guin and was his first goal in a long time. 91 games to be exact, dating back to 2006. The second goal was a re-direct by Jordan Staal off of a shot by Rob Scuderi. Geno was looking fairly good as well, making some good moves and back-checking well a few times. He gave up a couple of turnovers around the blue line, but overall looked pretty good. Sabourin played a good game. At least until the shootout. All three Rangers players scored on Sabourin, while only Kris Letang was able to score for the Pens. Kris Letang's shot was pretty awesome though, popping the water bottle off the net.

Crosby was having a little feud with Ranger Colton Orr. There was some shoving and plenty of words exchanged between the two. Crosby is such a well mannered, well spoken person off the ice but on the ice he appears to have the mouth of a sailor. Which we have no problem with of course. And might also shed some light onto his comment on Sean Avery, that words are exchanged but it stays on the ice. Good idea. Orr also dropped the gloves with Eric Godard after the ensuing faceoff.

The Pens play the Hurricanes tomorrow night at 7:08. Preview. Yes, once again it will be a Staal brother affair. At least FSN doesn't remind us every 5 minutes. Enjoy the game.

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