Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Only three Steelers selected to pro bowl, Steelers reading

Today we found out that only three Steelers players made the Pro Bowl. For comparison, in the AFC, the New York Jets sent seven, Titans six, and Ravens five. In the NFC . We agree with this guy on a few of his picks of those who should have gone in Hines Ward and LaMarr Woodley. Big Ben has done some great stuff this year, we all know that, but the numbers aren't really there. Considering how their defense has played, we think it's pretty terrible they only got three to the Pro Bowl, two starters. Each one deserves it, no doubt, but we feel there were more who deserved it too. Along with a lot of picks that really didn't. But then again, we all know it's just a popularity contest. Although you'd think with the amount of Steelers fans all over the world, that they'd place a few more.

Ward ultimate love-hate player - Ron Cook (Be sure to read the end about Bart Scott)

Pens notes

Grueling practice lights Penguins' fire (Includes injury status of players)

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