Saturday, December 27, 2008

Fleury blanks Devils, Pens win


Marc-Andre Fleury had his 12th career shutout as the Pens beat the New Jersey Devils 1-0. Fleury's play was really one of only a couple of positive things worth mentioning in this game. Fleury was stellar and the only real reason the Pens won this game. His diving save was highlight reel worthy, along with several other big saves. Although Fleury wasn't the only Pen with a save worth watching again and again. Mark Eaton made a last-second toe save during a pileup around the net. The puck appeared to go about 7/8 of the way over the goal line, but that wasn't enough and Eaton's foot caught it just in time. He said he saw it out of the corner of his eye and decided to try to keep it out, which he did at the last second.

The Pens overall play wasn't too exciting to say the least. Geno had a couple good plays and his and Ruslan Fedotenko's pass play for Fed's goal was pretty good. Their power play managed no goals and Crosby was without a shot on goal for the second game in a row.

Speaking of Crosby, we have a word or two on his play as of late. It seems like everyone and their brother wants to jump on his back the second he doesn't score, or dare we say it, is normal. *GASP* But Sidney Crosby isn't normal! He's some sort of freak sent to the NHL to save it from the black hole of obscurity! If he isn't exciting for a game or two, everyone flip out! Seriously people, he's human and he's going to have times when he isn't Super Sidney. We think he needs to learn to shoot more and take more shots over some of the passes he decides to make but let's face it, the kid has dedicated basically his entire life to hockey and obviously worked hard to be the player he is today, his work ethic isn't likely to disappear now. Let's all calm down and wait till he blows us away again with another play that'll make you go WHAT?!

Penguins Notebook. Coach Therrien didn't enjoy the holidays thanks to his team.

The Pens will play the Montreal Canadiens tonight at Mellon Arena at 7:00. Game preview.


Going Five Hole said...

looks like Sid "woke" up tonight for sure.

Faceoffs and First Downs said...

All thanks to us of course! Only not so much. Hopefully this means it's time for a Sidney Crosby hot streak!