Saturday, November 1, 2008

Lots of stuff, including rumors on Janne Pesonen

We know we never recapped any of the latest Pens action and probably missed some other stuff and we apologize. Someday, we swear, we'll treat this blog like it should be treated and have more appropriate updates and hopefully give this place a makeover. Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments or e-mail us. We'll get to checking that too, we promise.

First off, we heard that Janne Pesonen might be called up to the big Pens for tonight's game against St. Louis. This blog was the first that we saw that reported it. Now Seth over at Empty Netters is too. This should be exciting. The only thing that has us worried is, is this because Sidney Crosby isn't playing? Now with those injury rules, we'll never know what's going on.

Malkin is using his English wisely to urge himself and his teammates to play better.

Sean Leahy has some ideas for what certain hockey players should dress up as for Halloween.

Switching to the Steelers now...

Yahoo! has a story on the Steelers' new long snapper and how he left his moving job to be with the Steelers.

They also have a story on how Big Ben is holding up to the beatings he's far.

And if you're not sick of the election coverage yet, good news! Monday night when the Steelers play the Redskins, Obama and McCain will have a pre-recorded interview played during halftime. Don't forget to vote folks!

And a YouTube just for you! It's Janne Pesonen. Try not to get that song stuck in your head. Whatever they're saying. Enjoy.

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