Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Links for everyone!

Here are a few links from the Steelers game Monday night and a little info about the Pens:

Included in that is the news that the switch to Quinn was announced just hours after coach Romeo Crennel said he had no plans to make a change. Gee, did he think maybe his job was on the line? Also, Daunte Culpepper has agreed to a two-year deal with the Lions.

On the Pens side:

"Mad Mike" going soft? (From the Trib)

According to Rob Rossi, Sidney Crosby and Matt Cooke were the goaltenders in that soccer match. We're sort of surprised this was allowed to go down, especially with the likes of athletes getting injured by McDonald's bags.

On the Pens site this goalie info is confirmed and Crosby says they played "sockey."

Other headlines here.

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