Monday, November 10, 2008

Steelers lose to Colts

The Steelers lost to the Colts yesterday 24-20. We're going to be honest and say we don't have a whole lot to say, even though we probably should. Those interceptions really cost them. They did make it exciting in the final seconds and Nate and/or Baker almost came down with that ball for the win. The Steelers no longer have the division lead and are tied at 6-3 with the Ravens. Not great. Like a lot of other things in that game.

We don't have much time tonight and apologize for the crappy post. Please head over to the PG if you can stomach it and take a gander at the Steelers coverage. There will be no post tomorrow because we will not be near a computer. Don't forget that the Pens will play the Red Wings for the first time this season Tuesday night. Unfortunately we won't get to watch it unless we can find some sort of feed on the internet because we do not get Versus. Let's go Pens!

P.S. Be sure to check out the Pens articles, Talbot bitter, angry about Hossa's exit and Penguins Notebook.

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