Thursday, November 27, 2008

Two headed monster leads Pens to win

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The Pens beat the Islanders last night by a score of 5-3 after being down three to nothing through almost two periods. Every time you think the Pens are down and out, they come back stronger than ever. While giving everyone minor heart attacks along the way. The Pens still aren't playing a full sixty minutes of hockey but it's hard to complain when they do things like they did last night. The third period was wild as Sid and Geno, dubbed the two headed monster by Paul Steigerwald, were absolute beasts. You think you've seen it all and they pull out something else. Geno seemed to take a page from Sid's book tonight by scoring a "butt" goal (see earlier post if that's confusing in any way). These two found ways to get to the net and the Islanders had no answer for it. Crosby's steal and pass to Malkin to make it 4-3 was insane. We don't know if those two had a talk or what, but something clicked between them tonight. Geno had a natural hat trick by adding an empty netter at the end of the game and one assist while Sid had a goal and two assists.

John Curry replaced Dany Sabourin in the net during the second period which in our opinion was pretty exciting. Curry looked pretty good in net, making some good saves and not allowing a goal. He looks awfully small, 5'10" we believe, and like he's about 13 years old, but he did a good job. His new teammates also thanked him by sending Godard out to give him a shaving cream pie to the face while talking to Dan Potash. He got him good too. Poor kid had his eyes closed during the last part of the interview, but it was some funny stuff. If we can get the video of that, we'll post it.

Speaking of videos, we have the Geno interview from after the game tonight. Seth over at Empty Netters noted that he couldn't help but laugh when Geno said "shoot everybody." We have to say we couldn't either. Geno also says he feels Crosby is the best player in the NHL. We think Geno's right up there with him. If you love Geno, accents, or both you have to watch this:

Thank you to grizelda71 over at YouTube for being so prompt on those Geno interviews.

You can find the game recap here. Down the page a little and to the right there are plenty of goodies for you including video, sound, and stats.

Don't forget that FSN will be airing Pens classics tomorrow with the Winter Classic and game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals.

We'll get that Steelers update soon. In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving!

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