Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pens lose to Wild 2-1 in SO

The Pens win streak is now over after losing to the Minnesota Wild 2-1 in a shootout. We don't have Versus and the feed we were watching was pretty bad. We couldn't even really see where the puck was going, the feed was all pixel-y and it sucked. Another feed was dubbed over in Russian and we couldn't take listening to a language we couldn't understand and got sick of people asking why it was in Spanish. Why is it that when people hear a foreign language, they automatically assume it's Spanish? Anyway, the moral of this story is we didn't really get to watch the game too well. We couldn't even see Geno's face when they showed him after his injury. So basically we'll say we're disappointed the Pens couldn't capitalize on the power play opportunities or score a goal in the shootout. 

Our next predicament is how to watch hockey and football at the same time on Thursday night. Why is the world so cruel?!

Jordan Staal's fight with Erik Reitz tonight:

What do you think?

In Steelers news, OT Marvel Smith's back issues still aren't resolved and he will not play again Thursday night. He and the Steelers' doctors are unsure whether he should have back surgery, but Mike Tomlin says his recent back problems are unrelated to last year's.

Heath Miller could play against the Bungles Thursday after going through a full practice yesterday. Ed Bouchette said during his chat he didn't think he would play, but we'll see tomorrow night. The other injured players will not return, although Bryant McFadden could possibly return next week.

Wide receiver Dallas Baker was signed to the practice squad after being cut by the Steelers to make room for DB Roy Williams.

Steelers notebook can be read here.

The Steelers are number 1 in overall defense at this time. They rank number 1 against the run, number 1 against the pass, and number 1 in fewest total yards. You can read Ed Bouchette's article, Steelers defense setting the pace in NFL here.

Bob Smizik thinks the Steelers offense must strike paydirt, and soon, if they want to go anywhere.

Ed Bouchette's Steelers chats are always entertaining to read, and you can do so here.

See you tomorrow.

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