Monday, October 27, 2008

Steelers lose

The Steelers looked pretty horrible today as they lost to the Giants 21-14. More guys were injured, including one for the season in long snapper Greg Warren. Who would've thought it'd be that hard to snap the ball? James Harrison tried his hand at it and basically failed, giving the Giants a huge gift with a bow on top in a safety. We all know what that means, a free two points and a free kick. Pathetic. We do give him credit for trying it, but that was not good to say the least. Should be interesting to see who they pick up as their new long snapper and how much that is going to cost them. Warren signed a contract before this season to the tune of $2.3 million for three years with a $395,000 signing bonus. We'd do that job for that kind of cash. Must be nice. Ryan Clark has a separated shoulder, we hear, and he says he feels good and wants to play next Monday night in Washington. Mitch Berger also has some hamstring issues, but we don't know yet where he stands. Hopefully the PG has some stuff up soon.

While we're talking about injuries, we should talk about Big Ben. He had a thumb issue during the game on his non-throwing hand that doesn't seem to be much of an issue. But what is an issue is the fact that, once again, he spent most of his time on the field on his back. At one point, Fox put up some numbers and Big Benjamin had been knocked down on half of the plays. Completely unacceptable. He'll be the next to be on the lost-for-the-year list if someone doesn't help him out.

Right now, the positive things from today's game would be Nate Washington's TD and Heath Miller. Speaking of Nate Washington, what was up with the guy that was supposed to be covering him on that TD? Did he miss that Nate had the ball, did he just get drunk for a couple minutes, what? Thanks to that guy. Yes, we're too lazy to look it up. As for Heath, what a bruiser. Making plays with his hands, with his legs, and blocking on run plays. Awesome. Were we out of it today or did the crowd not do it's usual Heeeeeeeeeeeeeth when he caught the ball? We also missed the Crosby sucks chants during the Rangers game, but then again we were trying to watch that and the Penn State game. No, we didn't miss the Crosby boos though. Ridiculous.

Since we're talking about the Pens, didn't someone tell them before that there are THREE periods in a hockey game? 60 minutes, not 40? They obviously forgot the other night. That letting up after getting a lead needs to stop because it's obviously not working. Hopefully things get better in San Jose. Game starts at 10:30 p.m. EST. More than a few of you may be tired the next morning after this week's games.

PG has put some stuff up, and on the list of positives from today's Steelers game is Aaron Smith. He had been excused by Tomlin and the Rooney's but he decided to play anyway. It's still not at all clear what Smith's serious situation is, but we wish him the best. Ron Cook writes about it here.

On to the Pens: Pens' defense holding its own, Pens notebook, Molinari on the Pens. (The last link is the link we gave yesterday about donating brains and Sidney Crosby's "rear end" to science).

We also heard there is a new Max Talbot A&L Motor Sales commercial. We looked for it but couldn't find it yet. We'll post it once we find it on YouTube.

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