Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pens lose to Buffalo 4-3

The Pens lost last night to Buffalo 4-3. John Curry made his first NHL start and did a pretty good job in the net. He made some great saves that kept them in the game. he doesn't appear to be perfect, or Marc-Andre Fleury for that matter, but he was playing well. A couple of those saves were awesome. Sid and Geno continued on their out-of-this-world playing with Sid scoring two goals and Geno getting two assists. Geno's steal and pass to Sid for a breakaway was a huge play. Geno playing defense, and well really paid off this time. Sid took the puck and was off to the races, keeping those feet moving. He made a move to get Miller to bite and went five hole. Perfect. Sid's other goal was rather impressive too, as he hit the puck in midair to make sure it went in the net. We were told during the FSN telecast that Sid works on exactly those types of things all the time. It obviously pays off. Both of those goals were somewhat reminiscent of the Winter Classic in terms of Sid's in-the-air puck handling and his going five hole on Miller. Fond memories there.

Turbo, aka Tyler Kennedy, had a well deserved goal as he's always tearing it up out on the ice and doing his job. That third line is one to be reckoned with. Brooks Orpik also gave out some pretty good free candy as well.

It just sucks after all of those positive things, the Pens lost. They really weren't playing all that well out there despite how positive all of this sounds, especially in the third period. The Pens still need to learn to play a full 60 minutes. The Pens power play also has to get in gear. The Pens need to score on those man-advantages.

We also just have to add that we're obviously not the only ones that enjoy listening to Geno's English. Seth over at EN mentioned the other night he had to chuckle at "shoot everybody" and tonight Paul Steigerwald had to mention Geno's fine English and comments on teammate Sidney Crosby. Just had to throw that out there. It makes us feel better we may not be the only accent-addicts.

Sorry it's a little late, but here's the Pens wishing you a happy Thanksgiving.

Project Bundle-Up with the Pens.

A Great Day for Hockey. We never get tired of watching this one.

And lastly, more proof we're not the only accent-addicts. This interview is one of the most watched videos on PENSTV. Enjoy.

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