Friday, November 21, 2008

Steelers defeat Bungles 27-10

The Steelers started out slow last night, letting the Bungles have life early in the game, but that was about all the life they were going to get. No thanks to Ocho Cinco. Thankfully the Steelers woke up at some point and started looking something like the Steelers. Before we say anything else, we have to say this, PLEASE GET A NEW PUNTER!!! If they weren't playing the Bungles, those horrible punts might have cost them. Big time. With teams with winning records coming up, the Steelers need to find a new punter, and fast. Mitch Berger on two bum legs could do better than that. Hopefully they can find someone. Anyone know of any furniture movers that can punt?

The defense played solid as usual after starting slow just like the offense. We saw that James Harrison was continuing to be held. He really should consider those diving lessons. Aaron Smith was deflecting passes left and right. We thought William Gay looked good out there. It's good to know when guys are injured, others can step up and play well. Troy's interception at the very end of the game was classic Troy. That's why they call him the Tasmanian Devil, he's all over. What a player.

Willie Parker wasn't doing so well out there before he left with a minor knee injury. Mewelde Moore did a bit better, but the Steelers didn't have a lot of success running the ball. Big Ben looked pretty good. A few of his passes could have been picked, but there's no sense looking at that now. He made some nice throws to keep drives going and stepped up when he needed to. The fact that he wasn't on the ground most of the game, and actually not at all until his touchdown, was a reassuring thought. Although this was the Bengals. Rookie receiver Limas Sweed made a rookie mistake by not getting away from ball on a punt return and essentially turning it over to the Bengals, although he did have a nice catch later in the game. Santonio Holmes left after getting drilled on a completion, good thing he has some time to rest up. Heath Miller looked good after missing a couple games with a high ankle sprain, and even scored a touchdown. We love hearing Heeeeeeeeeeeath coming from the stands. Although we think it might have taken the fans a little while to realize he was even out there since after his first catch the Heeeeeeeeeath wasn't too loud, but they got it right the second time around. Between the cold, snow, and being drunk we can't really blame them.

Here is your after-game reading:

Steelers notebook. (Troy Polamalu is going to star in a remake of a famous Joe Green commercial)

More than just the night was chilly, Bob Smizik. He's worried. 

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