Sunday, November 9, 2008

Steelers links

Like we said last post, sorry it's late, we had some difficulties. Here are a few good links to read over at the PG...

Bouchette on the Steelers: So you expected this for the first half of the season?

Why Dan Rooney fell for Obama. This may be political but it's a good article, especially if you were an Obama supporter. We only say that because it seems that some fans didn't like Dan's choice to publicly support Obama, especially his giving the Steelers jersey to Obama on his last visit to Pittsburgh, and tend to get heated. One statement included in this article includes a woman who vows to never watch a Steelers game again after being a fan for life and burning all her Steelers gear. We feel that's a little far and quite ignorant. We'll be honest, we supported Obama and had for months so we do agree with Dan Rooney, but he could've supported McCain and that wouldn't have changed our feelings on the Steelers. Dan stood up for what he thought was best for the country, not his pocket, and we give him a lot of credit for that.

These links may be worth a read, although we know the game has started and you probably won't see them until after.

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