Monday, November 17, 2008

Steelers win 11-10

The Steelers were a part of history today by being part of the only game in the history of the NFL (over 12,000 games) to have the score end 11-10. We're not surprised considering that's one of the weirdest scores we've ever seen. Although it really shouldn't have turned out that way considering Troy Polamalu scored a TD in the fourth quarter that ended up being taken back by an "illegal forward pass." WTF? Of course, after the game the official admitted it was the wrong call. Talk about too little too late. That whole thing was a total mess considering there were breaks of confusion, TD being signaled, point after attempt going to be made, then TD not being held up. Eh. The NFL has some cleaning up to do and fast.

Let's talk about that interception by Troy Polamalu. What a catch, what a play. That was probably the best interception and catch we've seen in a very very long time. What skill to actually have the concentration to accomplish that. We thought for sure that hit the ground and upon seeing the replay were shocked. To get his hand under there and curl the fingers to keep it off the ground is just awesome. Unfortunately YouTube doesn't have the video of that yet, but we'll try to track it down.

The goal line stand the Chargers made on the Steelers was just...bad. We're starting to wonder, like just about everyone else, what Arians is thinking on some of these play calls. We liked the idea of a QB sneak but since Big Ben's shoulder isn't healthy that was obviously off the list, but eh, how frustrating. They should have scored there, period. We're also jumping on the where's the fullback bandwagon. That certainly could have helped on the goal line.

We can't talk about this game and not talk about James Harrison. What a beast week in and week out. Getting to Rivers in the endzone and causing that fumble, which could have lead to a TD but ultimately led to a safety nonetheless, was a great play. He went for the ball and that was a good choice. Unfortunately there was no Steelers defender there to get to it before the Chargers' player, but it was 2 points and in the end made a huge difference. Also making a huge difference was Harrison's sack just before the half that stopped the Chargers from getting any points. We had no idea he could run like that, let alone jump over defenders. Those are some big legs that can obviously run. He's become such a huge part of the Steelers defense and can be relied on to make big plays.

Hines Ward also deserves a lot of credit for making the plays when they're needed. It's obvious that Big Ben knows he can go to Ward when they need a few tough yards on third down. Ward had his second 100 yard game of the past two weeks and deservedly so. He had a couple penalties but with the way the game was played today, we don't know how many of those were legit (can you say holding against James Harrison on like...every play? We know that's probably the only way you're going to hold him back but c''s still illegal). And Ward made up for it in the end with those big catches to keep drives going.

Overall it wasn't the Steelers' best effort, but they got the job done and did what was necessary when called upon. One last thing we have to say is that Mike Tomlin's choice of jacket today was horrible. That thing looked like a garbage bag stuffed with, well garbage, and sewn up. It retails for only $149.99 at NFL Shop so get yours today!

Be sure to check out the PG for all your post-game reading needs. It's all worth a look. We'll see you tomorrow.

And don't forget the Steelers play the Bungles this week on Thursday. Ward better watch his back. The Pens also have a game that night, which we consider a travesty.

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