Thursday, November 20, 2008

Steelers vs. Bungles

Tonight the Steelers will play the Bengals for the second time this season after winning in Cincinnati 38-10 week 7. The Bengals are 1-8-1 and don't appear to be much of a threat to the Steelers but you never know. A short week is never easy, especially when you're banged up, but the Steelers should be able to pull out a win. Heath Miller should be back and we're excited about that because he's a hard worker that makes key blocks and has good, sure hands you can count on. One other thing you can count on is some good trash talking, especially since the Bungles are after Hines Ward for his superior blocking abilities. Which we're convinced they're just jealous of. Ike Taylor was voted the biggest trash talker on the Steelers by the Bengals, which he accepts graciously. He said he wouldn't like to be mic'd up, but would at the same time. He said you wouldn't be able to show what he says on NFL Network. We believe him on that one.

Ed Bouchette writes today that the Steelers are out to sack the Bengals. Harrison and Woodley each had two sacks each in their last meeting and somehow we think that's possible once again. James Harrison was named defensive player of the week yesterday, and with good reason. We have a feeling he'll have another good game tonight against the Bengals. Ed points out that the Bengals are 32nd in the NFL on offense and the Steelers are number 1 on defense. Seems like a total mismatch. Hopefully the Steelers don't get too ahead of themselves and write-off the woeful Bungles.

Peter Diana/Post-Gazette

We're hoping for a lot of this.


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