Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pens play Sabers tonight

The Pens will play the Sabers tonight at 7:38 at Mellon Arena. The Pens will debut their third jerseys tomorrow night, which we're sure you've all seen since they're basically the powder blue ones worn during the Winter Classic last year. Fleury and Sabourin will show off new masks that were designed for the Winter Classic. Should be nice seeing the boys dressed in powder blue again. This will be the first of several home games this season in which they will wear them.

Here is the list per the Pens site:

Saturday, Nov. 15 Buffalo
Tuesday, Nov. 18 Minnesota
Saturday, Dec. 20 Toronto
Saturday, Dec. 27 Montreal
Saturday, Jan. 3 Florida
Sunday, Jan. 18 NY Rangers
Sunday, Feb. 8 Detroit
Wednesday, Feb. 25 NY Islanders
Saturday, March 14 Ottawa
Sunday, March 22 Philadelphia
Wednesday, April 1 New Jersey

Shelly Anderson has an article today about Pens games not being for the faint of heart. We have to agree on that one. There is that story about the man who had a heart attack during the Steelers' Super Bowl run a couple years ago. People tend to get worked up over sports, us included. Everyone remember to take time to breathe. Here's to a healthy night for all.

A fan of Empty Netters picked out a guy in the crowd that looks like Ovie himself. We have to say that mystery guy in the crowd is better looking than Ovie. Mystery guy doesn't quite have the toothless, greasy hair, caveman look down yet, but what do we know? Unfortunately you'll have to click here to see the picture because it won't upload for us tonight. Or more like this morning.

Life won't imitate art on the field. (Hint: Troy Polamalu and LT did a Nike ad together)

The Trib is reporting that the Rooney's have agreed to a deal on the team and Art Jr., Patrick, Timothy, and John will sell Dan and Art II  controlling stake of the team. You can read up on all of the details here.

See you tomorrow.

Edit: Sean Leahy has pictures of Fleury's mask.

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