Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Big Ben's MRI, a new punter

Just a quick update on the Steelers today. Big Ben had an MRI and it showed no significant difference that it has all season and Coach Tomlin says he is "day to day." Tomlin also said "His injury status is no different, the MRI was very similar if not the same as it has been." His shoulder was separated in the season opener. Big Ben did not practice today. He said he wants to play against Indy on Sunday, but will have to see how his shoulder feels as the week goes along.

The Steelers also have a new punter. They re-signed Paul Ernster today and released Mitch Berger, who has had hamstring injuries in both legs. Ernster was with the team in training camp but was released on August 30th when the Steelers made the decision to keep Berger to replace Daniel Sepulveda. Berger's average was 41.9 yards in eight games this season, but his punts against the Redskins were 27, 32, and 35. Mike Tomlin said about the moves, "We feel at this point he gives us the best option in that regard."

There is also a poll on the Post-Gazette website asking if Mike Tomlin should rest Ben Roethlisberger and his ailing shoulder Sunday regardless of whether he is capable of playing and when we were there, out of 833 respondents, 699 (84%) said yes, while 134 (16%) said no. What do you think?

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