Monday, November 3, 2008

And he's gone as quick as he came...

To start this post we figured we'd let you know that Janne Pesonen has been reassigned once again back to the Baby Pens, along with Chris Minard. It was definitely a short assignment, but he may be back again one day. He had two assists in the Baby Pens' win, and Chris Minard had a hat trick. Guess they weren't too affected by their reassignment. We have to admit we didn't really see how Janne played Saturday night as we taped the game because we went to a concert. We watched the highlights later of the Pens' 6-3 win over the Blues (Recap here) but have not yet seen the entire game.

Michel Therrien said that he was going to change the alternate captains each month and has done so by "knighting" his two players of choice, Rob Scuderi and Hal Gill. Obviously getting laughs from the team. Also of note, Crosby made the decision himself to play Saturday night against the Blues. He was able to participate in practice and declared himself ready, after he left the previous game in the third period with a hip injury.

If you haven't read Alexander Semin's comments on Sidney Crosby yet, you can read them here, as well as read the question posed by a fan on whether other players, maybe even his own teammates, are upset that Crosby gets the attention he does. Like the answer states, we highly doubt his teammates think he asks for the attention he gets. They also probably see all little things Crosby does to make him so great, as well as know his well-meaning personality.

Also over at the PG for your reading pleasure, Penguins' road trip rocked by injuries, losses; ends on promising note and Molinari on the Penguins: One more factor to throw into mix when explaining club's sluggish start. And over at the NY Times, there is an article on Marc-Andre Fleury called The Obstrucionist, which is probably supposed to be The Obstructionist.

Here is Max Talbot's new A&L Motor Sales ad for your enjoyment. Definitely not as good as the first one.

The Penguins next game is at home Thursday night against the Oilers at 7:00.

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