Thursday, April 30, 2009

Malkin nominated for Hart

We have a bunch of random Pens stuff today. We'll start off with the obvious. Geno was officially named a finalist for the Hart trophy yesterday. We doubt this is a surprise to anyone and is obviously well deserved. We may be biased, but we feel he deserves to win it. He played outstanding this season all around, including having the most takeaways in the NHL. Ovie is the obvious favorite for, what we feel, is the media's obsession with his antics and Geno's lack of coverage. Unfair to say the least, but Pittsburgh will always feel Geno deserved the award.

Also on Geno, after not growing a playoff beard last year, he decided he is going to this year "to change a little bit my luck." Way to go Geno!

We've read and heard a lot of people complaining about the back-to-back travel games (Friday and Saturday, May 8th and 9th) during this series and our thought was the same as theirs, unfair. No other series has back to back games like Pens, Caps. We had read before the schedule was released that Mellon Arena had events scheduled during that time that could effect scheduling so we decided to check it out. As the schedule normally goes, it's every other day, so if they play Friday the 8th the next game should be Sunday the 10th and then Tuesday the 12th. Checking the Mellon Arena schedule, Yanni is scheduled to be there the 12th which would interfere with that every other day schedule. Our thoughts are that this is probably why they have to play back-to-back games because the game that would normally be on the 12th is at home and it's a no can do thanks to this guy. Obviously not confirmed, but it makes sense. So if you want to blame it on someone, blame Yanni.

The Pens website has a Pens, Caps series preview available.

We talked about Crosby switching hats towards the end of the season this year when he normally only wears one all year because of his many superstitions. The Pens have an article on how and why this came about. It's a nice story you should check out.

If you haven't checked out the article on Geno's parents yet, you need to read it here.

Always check Empty Netters for good stuff

Saturday seems so far away. Go Pens!

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