Saturday, April 25, 2009

Back to Philly, game 6

Well, it's back to Philadelphia and NBC for game 6. Philly is bad enough, we don't need NBC to go along with it. We heard somewhere that Pierre McGuire was not going to be doing the Pittsburgh game and all we can say is we sure hope not. NBC may still suck, but it sucks a whole lot less without Pierre. And we can only hope that the obsessive Mike Richards talk will also be non-existent.

We'd be lying if we said we weren't nervous. We did pick the Pens in six because we knew this series wouldn't be easy, but when it comes down to watching the games and waiting, it ain't easy. We're definitely not saying that the Pens can't win this series or won't win this series, but we are nervous. And let's face it, we're nervous with good reason. It's in Philly, it's an NBC afternoon game, the Pens did not play well at all past the first period in game 5 and Philly got all the bounces.

The first goal is so important and the Pens really need to set the stage and get the first goal. The earlier the better. The first goal also kills the crowd and the quieter the fans are, the better. Although they can feel free to yell Crosby sucks all day if they want because a pissed off Sidney Crosby is only benefiting to the Pens. And obviously a good outing from Marc-Andre Fleury can keep the Pens in any game if they can get a goal or two past Biron.

Bill Guerin addressed the team right after their 3-0 loss in game 5. No one knows what was said and the Pens obviously prefer to keep it in-house, although it seems he gave the team a blunt assessment of how the team has been playing. Ray Shero brought Guerin in partly for this reason and it seems he's willing to step up and be a leader. Hopefully whatever he said fires the Pens up for game 6. We really don't think we can handle a game 7.

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The Caps beat the Rangers last night 4-0 to avoid elimination. If our mind serves us correctly (that's a big if) Henrik Lundqvist stole the show in game 4, much like Fleury in game 4. And then in game 5, the Caps come back and shut out the Rangers. Sound familiar? Anyone? Kind of odd. All we're hoping for is a Pens win and a Rangers win so Ovie can go home crying. And then read the Caps' message boards. (We can't find the link to that but Ovie says he likes to read what the fans have to say. After finding love on the internet at one point, this isn't surprising. We really wish we could find that link so you could read his comments. Eh.)

Also of note, Rangers coach John Tortorella got into a confrontation with a fan in Washington. Considering how their fans are trying to be like Philly's, we're not surprised. He threw a plastic bottle over the glass and then proceeded to climb up on the bench and wave a hockey stick at the fan. As bad of an idea as that was, we can't really blame the guy. It appears that he may have had liquid (okay so it had to have been beer) poured on him. Bad idea to go after the fan, but when you're losing a potential series clinching game and some idiot behind the bench pours something on you and probably talked about your mom or some other equally disgusting comment, we'd want to hit them with a stick too.

Go Pens!

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