Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sykora's out, Satan's in

The Pens have decided to sit Petr Sykora tonight and play Miroslav Satan. We were a little surprised by this decision but at the same time not. Sykora hasn't really done anything for quite a while, which is obviously frustrating, and after that open net miss maybe that was enough for Dan Bylsma. It should be interesting to see how Satan performs tonight. After heading down to the Baby Pens maybe he has a new passion and will play out of his mind tonight. The Pens really need to end this tonight and not head back to Philly. 

Dan Bylsma has said that he will be shuffling the lines as he did in game 4. He said you will see Satan with Geno and Feds but you'll also see others with Geno as well. We've also heard Satan will be on the fourth line the majority of the night. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Kris Letang is also a game-time decision after some kind of injury in game 4. Philippe Boucher will take his place if he is unable to go.

Time to get this done. Go Pens!

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