Monday, April 6, 2009

Pens running on empty, lose to Panthers


The Pens seemed to be running on empty yesterday when they lost to the Florida Panthers 4-2. The Pens failed to clinch a playoff spot in their loss to Florida. The Pens can still clinch by winning their next game against Tampa Bay on Tuesday.

The Pens came out in the first period on all cylinders and largely out-shot the Panthers, but went into the second period trailing 2-1. Dupuis had the Pens goal with assists coming from none other than Tyler Kennedy and Jordan Staal. TK has played wild lately and seems to always have a lot of energy out on the ice. Sidney Crosby had a nice between the legs backhand shot that didn't go in, but it showed why Sidney Crosby is Sidney Crosby. He also showed why he is the captain of his team. Geno was hit with a hip check by Keith Ballard along the boards that sent him flying onto his head. Most say it was a clean hit and in all reality it probably was, but it did appear to be a little low and Malkin is obviously a big guy. But when anyone gets flipped like that and lands on their head, we'd be a little pissed off too. Crosby immediately went over to Ballard and fought him. Not exactly an exciting fight, but Sid did take him down in a pretty good show of strength. Crosby did what he should have and stuck up for Malkin, although we hate to see him fight. Sid doesn't need to get injured fighting. Nonetheless, we respect him for sticking up for his teammate.

Mark Eaton got the Pens only other goal of the game on the second half of a 4 minute power play. Letang and Kunitz got the assists. Crosby and Malkin were left scoreless for the second game in a row. Geno is now only two points ahead of Alexander Ovechkin in the scoring race. All we have to say is Geno, please, please please start scoring. He's lead the league basically the entire season and letting that go at the end is unacceptable. In no way are we putting down Malkin, we just can't stand the thought of Ovechkin coming in at the end to take the title.

The rest of the game was played pretty poorly by the Pens and it just didn't look like they had the energy that was necessary to play a desperate Florida team who is fighting for a playoff spot. It's not the end of the world and the Pens should have the day off today before their game Tuesday against the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Pens should be able to clinch a playoff spot on Tuesday. At least we hope.

The fight:

(Did anyone see Malkin "jump out of the way?" We didn't. You might want to not listen to the audio because it's rather annoying, trust us.)

Go Pens!

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