Sunday, April 26, 2009

Steelers and the draft, more Pens stuff

The Steelers only ended up making one pick on day one of the draft because they traded their second round pick to Denver. They now have three picks in the third round and none in the fourth. But as to who they chose today, DE Evander "Ziggy" Hood from Missouri. We're going to be honest in just saying we know nothing and direct those of you like us to places who do. We basically knew nothing about the draft, we've been wrapped up in hockey, hockey, and more hockey.

Hines Ward will sign a new contract this week that will make him a Steeler for the rest of his career. It has not been decided whether it will be four or five years, but it will create cap space for the Steelers. Great news there. Ward is also only 220 yards away from being the first Steelers receiver to get 10,000 yards.

The cover of Madden has been announced and Troy Polamalu and Larry Fitzgerald will grace it. This is the first time there will be two players on a cover. We really like the design of the cover and think it looks nice. Now we just hope Troy will avoid the "Madden curse."

As for hockey:

Penguins' Locker Room: Malkin savors victory, eyes some rest  Geno says he's ready for the next round and also thinks maybe Sykie is tired of playing with him after three years. Yeah right. Nice to see Geno's playful side.

Here are the second-round matchup possibilities for the Penguins:

• If Washington (down, 3-2, to the New York Rangers) and New Jersey (up, 3-2, over Carolina) advance, the Penguins will face Boston, with the Bruins having home ice.

• If Washington and Carolina advance, the Penguins will meet the Capitals, with Washington having home ice.

• If the Rangers and Devils advance, the Penguins will face New Jersey, with the Devils having home ice.

• If the Rangers and Hurricanes advance, the Penguins will face Carolina and have home ice. (From

So who do you want to see in the next round? Feel free to leave your comments.

John Tortorella has been suspended for one game after his incident with a fan in Washington. Between Avery and this we don't know how they're beating the Caps.

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